Our fees are based on several factors including volume of checks per month, frequency of accounting (monthly, qtrly, or annually), completeness of data given to us, format of data (manual or computerized) and other factors unique to your particular company. 

A short meeting to review  your current records such as check stubs/register, disbursement journal, or “Quickbooks” computerized register, will allow us to quote you a variable or fixed monthly or quarterly accounting fee.  

This fee will include all quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns and forms (W/2, 940, 1099), if applicable, and will provide you with a Bank Reconciliation, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, and Payroll Journal for the period processed and year-to-date.

In order to monitor your business’s taxable net income we suggest that monthly, or at least quarterly, accounting be performed.  Monitoring your income is essential to being informed on how close you are to the projected tax plan in  your file.  This tax plan takes into consideration your personal tax return estimates and what effect your business’s net income will have on you – how much you pay and save in taxes.  No one wants a disappointing “surprise” at the end of the tax year and this can be avoided with current accounting as we suggest.

Please contact us to meet to discuss fees for handling your particular business needs.

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